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Cruise to Albania

For the more adventurous who wish to enjoy a different experience, this is one day cruise to the fascinating country of Albania. . After our departure from the port of Corfu, we sail along the North part of Corfu island and Albanian shores, and approach the port of Agii Saranda. Once our passports are checked, the local tourist guide will introduce you to the ancient city of Agii Saranda. An additional guided excursion is available for those who wish to enjoy a 20km tour by coach of the south coast with its virgin shores and scattered islets.

Moving on from the shore line we pass small picturesque villages, and endless fertile plains leading us to a great lake. At the edge of the lake, where the ancient city of "Butrint" is situated, with its well maintained archeological monuments and ancient amphitheatre, the visitor is taken 2500 years back in time to the 3rd century A.D. The ancient gymnasium, the roman baths, the ancient temple with its priceless mosaic floor and enormous stone walls takes you back through history. At the top of the hill lies the castle of "Ali Pasha"   a remain of the Ottoman Empire. From this position we have a panoramic view of the ancient city, the lake and the vast plains, which compose a breathtaking sight ! We continue our tour with a visit to the " Blue Eye ". This natural landscape will impress you as it was once a place for pleasure of the Albanian communistic "élite". On our return to the city of Agii Saranda, you can enjoy a delicious lunch , which included in the price. The afternoon is suitable for a walking tour in the town of Agii Saranda until our departure from this land caught up in the past. Duty free shop is available.